Saturday, August 17, 2013

32 Weeks!

I keep wondering how we got here. It seems like these past four weeks just flew by.

 I did try to keep my gestational diabetes under control with diet but unfortunately I wasn't able to do so. I have to take insulin before bed to help with my waking numbers. So far that seems to have done the trick. I have also only gained 5 pounds since I became pregnant. I think the key was to get heavy before I got pregnant! LOL

Sadly I had to leave my midwife practice. Once I was an on insulin they could no longer handle my prenatal care or deliver the baby. I found another practice which is very popular and has very good doctors but it's quite the culture shock.

When you work with a midwifery practice they give very personalized care. At this big OB practice I see them for maybe seven minutes and then they're out the door. They do have a midwife that works with the practice. I've seen her once and I really like her. I've only met one out of three of the other OBs. She was kind of quick and had dry humor so I didn't really know how to take her.

It seems like a majority of our natural birth plan is out the window. I'll be hooked up to a monitor and have my sugars tested every hour and cannot labor/birth in the water. I'm hoping to just stave off all the other interventions such as an epidural,  Pitocin and a possible C-section. I would still like to have as natural birth as possible. As long as Everly comes out healthy that is all that matters.

So far Everly is growing normally. One side effect of gestational diabetes is a larger baby. She seems to be right on track. We got her 3-D ultrasound and boy did she look like her brother! We really just can't wait to meet her.

Look at those cheeks!

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